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ICP开发者研讨会EP06 - AMA on Community Grants Program

· 3 min read
Herbert Yang
Vincent Zhang
Beeling Chua

176名 ICP 爱好者参加了第六次开发者研讨会。 DFINITY 亚太团队分享了近期社区活动和 R&D 团队的进展,并邀请基金会的 Emilio 和 Shashi 就社区关心的新推出的 Community Grants Program 做了个AMA。


  • 活动链接:Twitter Spaces
  • 参与人数:176
  • 活动时长:2 小时
  • 特邀嘉宾:Emilio, Shashi of DFINITY基金会


Q&A on Community Grants Program

  1. With regards to the Accelerate KPI for engagement rate of 250K views for video, is this for one video or ten videos and for how long a period (how many months)?
  2. KPI seems high and how are the KPIs being determined?
  3. Can you give examples of an Influencer/Youtuber who has made these KPIs?
  4. Can the grant application be written in Chinese? All the application forms are in English only.
  5. A lot of information is to be filled in during the submission but applicants are not sure if they have filled in correctly especially for non-English speaking applicants.
  6. Application process is too complicated especially for non-English speaking applicants.
  7. What’s the plan to foster growth for the existing community that has contributed in the past and would like to continue but the criteria have changed and it has become difficult to apply based on V2.
  8. How many V2 grants have been approved so far?
  9. What are the ratios of approved grants in each region?
  10. Who are the 5 reviewers/grant committee members (should there at least be one from Asia)?
  11. It is a challenge for Asia/Chinese applicants to articulate their projects when none of the grant review committee are from Asia/China team.
  12. What if the content is produced before submitting the grant application?
  13. What’s the maximum duration of a grant? Can it be longer than half a year?
  14. Can Asia team be part of the grants committee?
  15. Why India meetup’s application was rejected based on regional factors?
  16. Can IqraCrypto be the candidate to run ICP in Dubai instead of CryptoOasis?

社区活动回顾 & 预告

  • June 8, IC1101 Demo Day
  • June 17-18, RustCon, Shanghai
  • June 17 - 20, Dom to speak at ETH Community Conference in Paris

R&D 路线图进展

  • SNS
    • Geo Restrictions
    • Confirmation text
  • Internet Identity 更新
    • 简化了上手的流程
    • DApps Explorer
    • II管理